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Team Member Resources

The following resources are for current team members only. Thank you! 

The best way for you to keep in touch as a team member is to ensure you are on our text list! Link below




Time Punch Request


Order Uniforms

This link will take you to our restaurant handbook. Here you will find all of our policies including the point system!

Sometimes we forget to clock in/out, it happens to the best of us! Please fill out this form so we can fix it right ASAP.

We are currently taking all uniforms order payments in person at the restaurant. The catalog is attached with the prices so you can browse to find what you'd like to order. Once you know, let a leader know and they will be able to take your payment and add it to the list to be ordered!

Team Member Resources : Features

Download HotSchedules


Download Pathway


Order CFA Swag

Hotschedules is the app where we do all of our scheduling. You can request time off, pick up shifts, or message your coworkers all from the app! Following orientation you should have received an email with your login. Use this button to take you to the App Store to download it!

Pathway is Chick-fil-A's training platform. Pathway is an incredible resource to learn more information about our procedures, menu, culture of hospitality and everything in between! In the email following orientation, you should have also received your login. This login will be what you use to get into this app!

Use this link to purchase any CFA goodies! You will need your log into Sunrise!

Team Member Resources : Features

Expression of Interest 

DT Team 


Expression of Interest 

Training Team 

Our DT Team consists of all levels from team leaders to team members. By filling out this EOI you are starting the process to potentially join this team!

Have you ever wanted to train new and existing employees the way you were trained when you started at CFA!? This EOI is the first step to beginning your trainer journey with CFA!

Team Member Resources : Features
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