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Why Should You Work Here?


We are passionate about caring for our team. We have some amazing benefits that we offer to continue to express the gratitude and appreciation for our team!




Leadership Opportunities


Team Outings

With growth as one of our core values, we promote growth in all areas of your life! If you are going to college, we want to help where we can! Chick-fil-A offers that option to win a scholarship toward school!

We have countless leadership opportunities at our restaurant and that position can be yours! Check out our Leadership Growth section to get a feel for how to make that possible.

We love to spend time with each other, bonding outside of the work place. We have team outings and parties which are always a fun time!

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Volunteering Opportunities


401K Contribution


Health Benefits

We love to give back to our community, we love it even more when we get to do it as a team. We also love to volunteer with organizations that are meaningful to our team, so if you have a suggestion please let us know!

We care about investing in our team's futures. When you work full time with Chick-fil-A Delta Shores we offer 401K matching up to 5%. We want to invest in you as you invest in yourself.
*for those who qualify*

We offer health benefits for our team. We offer different packages and at different levels through Decisely.
*for those who qualify*

Join Our Team: Features

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